chatargee 1

Iam Sending Chatergy Paper. Paper consists of Section A &
Section B. Section A consist of Aptitude. It is very very
easy. You can do the aptitude in 10 minutes. The total time
is one hour. There is -ve marking.In Section B there are 3
parts. Part 1 is C,part 2 is C++,Part 3 is general. You should
give much much preference to C++. C++ is very very important.
C language questions are very easy. You give much time for
solving C++ programs. In the interview also they are asking
C++ only. You should be thourough in C++ in friend function,
Inheretence,constroctors.In Section B each part consits of
10 questions. There are 30 aptitude questions.


1)A sequence is given. You should find out error & write correct
answer. 1 2 5 10 13 26 29 48. Error is 48,there you should write 58.
2)2,3 6,7 14,15 29,46. Error is 46. In every pair you add 1 to get
second number. Ans:29+1=30
3)A fish problem is given.Ans:72
4)John's age like that there is one age problem. Ans:16
5)A girl is 13'th highest,13th lowest. How many member.Ans:25
6)Cookies problem. Ans:23.
7)Rearrange MERGANY Ans:GERMANY (country)
8)Rearrange BBIRAT Ans:RABBIT
1)#define min((a),(b)) ((a)<(b))?(a):(b)
int i=0,a[20],*ptr;
while(min(ptr++,&a[9])<&a[8]) i=i+1;
printf("i=%d\n",i);} Ans:5.
{char a[10]={1,2,3,4,5,6};int x;
for(x=0;x<4;x++){ b[x]=x+'a';}
printf("%s",b);} Ans:abcd56
3)Linked Lists are preffered than arrays to get advantage while
a)Insertion b)Deletion c)Accessing Element d)None
4)question on Stack
5)3 programs on recursion
6)~(~0<<8)? Ans:Last 8 digits are 1's rest are 0's.
7)int a,b=3,c=2;
a=b++*c;c=++b*a;Some thing like this.
print a,b,c? Ans:6,4,24
1)Virtual Functions in C++(Refer to 13'th chapter first two
examples of LAFORE Book)
2)Which of the following is not true regarding FRIEND function
Ans:If y is friend of x and z is friend of y then z can access
private of x.
3)Given some program on "&" operator overloading.
4)class X{
public:X(){ cout<<"This is Base";}
class Y:public X
{ public:Y(){cout<<"This is Derived";}};
what is printed when an object of Y is created?
5)One question on reference variable in C++.Ans:&a.
1) Number of nodes in Binary tree with height 3:Ans:7
(Refer to Formula 2^^n-1)
2)TCP/IP is used in? Ans:LAN/WAN
3)Host IP Address is? Ans:32 bits OR 4 bytes.