Tips from the candidates who got selected into Infosys

Here I have given all the information I know about
infosys test(based on sixth july exam).

Go through books and websites in the following order:

1.BrainTeasers by George summers.

2.Become a member of and go through
the puzzles and answers available in it.This one will
be very useful for you because it has a variety of
puzzles (about 600 in number with detailed answer).
you can also submit puzzles to them.Some puzzles in
the books specified here can also be seen here.

3.Visit (contains very primitive
information yet interesting)and click to grammar link
in it.It will be helpful for you to test and improve
your gramatical skills to some extent.

4.Puzzles to Puzzle You & More Puzzles by
shakuntalaDevi(2 books).

5.Brain teasers by RaviNarula.

6.Barrons GRE for problems and vocabulary(easy one not
that tough as in Barrons).

7.Go through any material for Comprehension(little
effort is enough in this one).

8.Go through any dictionary of confusables(like advice
- advise,Martial-matrial etc).

9.If you are not an English medium student WREN&MARTIN

High school english grammar (Tenses)will help you.

I came to know of these information only few days
before the exam it helped me a lot to crack .Ask any
one who has taken the test to confirm the information.

No need to try anything else to my prespective.

The information given here is lot more than enough to
crack infy written test.

All the best for your selection.


i took the infy test on 6th july(Chennai,Afternoon).
i didnt get any mail from INFY...
so i called up INFY banglore 1 week back and they said that
i have cleared the test and i'll be intimated officially in 2/3 weeks.

i thank the owner,the moderators and all members of INSPIRE-jobs group
for circulating old infy question papers and for their valuable suggestions.

then for infy aspirants....i prepared from the following books

1.puzzles - shankuthala devi
2.more puzzles - shankuthala devi
3.mind streching puzzles - terry h.stickles
4.critical reasoning puzzles - norman d.willis
5.brain teasers - george summers
6.gre barrons(analytical reasoning)

i prepared analytical reasoning from 14th edition...
in the test i got a 8 mark anlytical question...
i found it to be difficult...
then i came to know that it was a question from 10th edition of barrons.
alaytical question are difficult in older editions of barrons.
so i would suggest infy aspirants to prepare anals from old editions of barrons.

after very good preperation if u find that the question paper is difficult...
dont lose whatever u know...
when the question paper is tough the cut-off will be low and there
is every chance that u may get thro'....
so attempt the test with full confidence...

for english part no preparation is needed as only very basic questions are asked....

then very rarely only questions get repeated in INFY tests
(if u r lucky enough u may get questions repeated)...
so first be prepared with the books....
then go thro' all question papers to have a feel of the test....

ALL THE BEST to all INFY aspirants and other freshers hunting for a job..

this was the question paper i got in the test

INFOSYS QUESTIONS(6ht JULY 2003,Chennai,Afternoon)

1. Analytical question. 6 poets, liking and disliking
of poetry E.g.: All who like the poetry of Frost do
not like the poetry of Coolidge. Some who like the
poetry of Dunne like the poetry of Earl. 4 related

2. Analytical question. 4 people, 4 products. E.g.:
Vickie will not get a tie unless George buys a scarf.
Remmie will not get a hat unless Jack buys gloves.
Around 12 statements like this. Who will buy what?

3. 13 kigs and 6 libs can produce 510 tors in 10 hrs,
8 kigs and 14 libs can produce 484 tors in 12 hrs,
find the rate of production of tors for kigs and libs.
Express the answer in tors/hr.

4. Find the 3 digit no. whose last digit is the square
root of the first digit and second digit is the sum of
the other two digits.

5. Meera was playing with her brother using 55 blocks.
She gets bored playing and starts arranging the blocks
such that the no. of blocks in each row is one less
than that in the lower row. Find how many were there
in the bottom most row?

6. Rahul took part in a cycling game with many others
in a circular closed circuit. After pedaling for
several minutes, he found that 1/5th of the cyclists
ahead of him and 5/6th of the cyclists behind him
together formed the total no. of participants. How
many were participating in the race?

7. Age sum involving 3 people. Similar to sum no. 127
in Shakuntala Devi but very much tougher than that

8. Tom wants to catch a hare. He is standing 250 yards
south from the hare. The hare starts moving due east.
Tom, instead of moving in the northeast direction,
moves in such a way that at every instant, he is going
towards the hare. If speed of tom is one and one-third
times that of the hare, find the distance each
traveled before he caught the hare.

9. Two people are playing with a pair of dies. Instead
of numbers, the dies have different colors on their
sides. The first person wins if the same color appears
on both the dies and the second person wins if the
colors are different. The odds of their winning are
equal. If the first dice has 5 red sides and 1 blue
side, find the color(s) on the second one.

10. A company's director said during the board
meeting: " The company's income from roads will be
sufficient to pay 6% of the entire stock issue, but
since we are paying 7.5% interest on the preferred
stock of Rs.4, 000,000 we are able to pay only 5% of
the common stock". Find the value of the common stock.

ive too got selected in infy blore i gave test on 8th june..

i agree with vikas on the idea that firs try to answer easier questins
and the paper has fair amount of easy questions also like :

there are two colcks one runs 1min/hrs faster and other 1min/hr slower
when will the two clocks have time time difference of 1 hr :
ans : 30hrs

i take a taxi whose no is 3 digit no. it is not divisible by 2,3,5,7
but divisible by 11 it is the smallest no possible:
ans : 121

three friends start with x marbles each after first round A gives B...toC,
after second round B does similar , after 3rd round C does similar,
they have now marbles as ..... How many marbles they started with:
ans : 20
simple trick is to form equation and solve backwards

there is bound to be one 8 marks ques of complex arrangement..
so prepare for that. cat material on complex arrangement is also
sufficient for that

there is good possibility of ques from clocks,calender,permutation,

in time,speed,distance the 8th june paper had distances and speeds in
different units like inches,feet,m,yards etc so prepare for
distance conversion formulae

The english section is quite easy with simple grammer,
fill in the blanks,(7th class)level passage, spelling mistakes,
it can also have analogies syllogisms etc.

so all of u preparing for infosys paper on 6th jul BEST OF LUCK.....

infosys tests arent very difficult. but they require
some amount of preparation. all the sums are based on
fundamental class 10-12 concepts. very simple speed
distance problems.

u need to follow the foll. books. these 3 books are
moooooooooooooore than sufficient.




starte with the puzzles to puzzle book importance to
each and every question. genrally problems having
comaplex figures and 2-page questions will not be
asked. u need to give importance to the questions ive
listed above. more or less these questions are
reframed or the same concepts are tested. initially
when one starts preparing he may find it very
difficult. but i guess it wud be only a starting
problem. one shudnt get demoralised by this starting
problem. u can always refer to the solutions (only
after having tried ur best at solving them w/o help) .
at times the solutions may also sound a lil greek and
latin, but u need to spend time on it... u shud know
this book in and out.

PERMU-COMBI problems are frequent.

once ur thro with PUZZLES TO PUZZLE YOU - By
SHAKUNTALA DEVI u can move over to MORE PUZZLES - By
SHAKUNTALA DEVI. most of the problems here are
repeated or rephrased from (PUZZLES TO PUZZLE YOU - By

then u can use the GEORGE SUMMERS BOOK. try working
out a 2-3 problems from the GRE BARRONS book -
analytical section - the ones with 4 subdivisions. -
any person who has taken up his/her GRE can easily
help u loacte such questions in the book. these are
very simple questions. they dont involve much time or
thinking. and these always feature in ur test. they
are generally with 4 subdivisions carrying 8 marks on
the whole.

after all this is over u can move over to THE QUESTION
papers. start off with the latest available papers and
then move on to the old ones. u have plenty of them
put up on the yahoo groups. . once ur thro with 4-5
papers itself, u'd have a clear idea of what problems
are asked and what fundas are tested.

it will never help.

take the exam witha cool-head. FAALTU KA TENSION will
never help u. u shud be able to time urself.
initially scan the paper, if u come acros any stereo
type problem just finish it off phat-a-phat. it wud
boost ur confidence. then approach the rest proble.s
dont get stuck anywhere. MBA aspirants (ppl who have
given CAT and mock cats) wud have an edge in this
paper timing stuff..

I have taken the INFOSYS test on 6th of july.
Till date i didnt get any regret letter. So I rang up
to Infosys yesterday to hear the golden words from the
H.R "U R SHORTLISTED". They informed me that
they'll send the furthur details (like place & date of
posting) regarding this in a week or two.

Comming to the procedure of getting into Infosys,
The details given in this group abt the test helped me
a lot in getting here.

And also my heartfull thanks to everyone who have posted
useful info to the grp.

If anyone is taking the infy test in the future,
dont worry. What i believe is , its only tough to get
a call letter from Infosys for the test, because it is
only a matter of luck . Once u get a call letter, u
can easily get through the test provided u work upon a
few books .

The books which i suggest are,

1. Shakuntala Devi puzzles
2. Shakuntala Devi more puzzles
3. George Summers
4. Brain Teasers- by Ravi Narula
5. G.R.E . Barrons (few analytical questions)

This is something for infosys aspirants. other than
the 4 books ( shakuntala devi 1&2, george summers,
barrons GRE ) infosys test paper makers are
considering one more book.


a couple of questions from the july 6th infy
test are direct questions from this book. so along
with the 4 books u better prepare from this book also.

Its not that all the questions come directly from
these books, but u get acquainted to the type of
questions appearing in the test and ur brain will get
tuned to them. There is every chance of a couple of
questions surfacing from these books too. And also
dont forget to refer to the previous papers. U can
find them in the groups home page( in the files).
On the test day what i suggest is, donot panic . keep
a cool mind . This is most important because that 1 hr
matters a lot . Usually u get 9 to 11 questions. among
them around 4 questions are very easy. anyone can
answer them. some 2 to 3 questions will be very tough
ones. better not to go for them. if u start answering
them, they'll take half of ur time and in the end u
may not get the correct answer. So ur expertise lies
in finding such questions. The remaining 3 to 4
questions are average kinda questions. and those r the
deciding questions. u should be very careful answering
them, just to make sure that u did not make any silly
mistakes( like wrong calculations). Once u complete
this paper( after 1 hr) , u have to take
a english test. Its very easy and u need not worry abt
this. This section lasts for 30 minutes.
Thats all about the test, and if have any queries u
can mail me.

So...Good luck ,

Since i recd n no. of mails n due to time factor i am not able to
reply u up individually,but if time permits then i will definetely
mail u up.

Most of them r asking criteria for the tests, for Infy test the
criteria is not a big factor, he can either be a Engr student or even
MCA, the post is the same.

Well to apply send u r resumes to,ofcourse
right now they r not recruiting any more coz they have to clear all
the students who wrote in June and July.

But don't get disappointed they will recruit after 2-3 months so u
all prepare in the mean time for Aptitude test and if possible
upgrade u r s/w technologies.

You can get some old Puzzle papers at and
but I don't think there will be much use in preparing them. The
reasons for that are :
1. Normally, the questions will not be repeated in Infosys.
2. Most of the answers given at these websites are wrong. Or there
won't be any answers given. So, you will get confused unnecessarily,
ofcourse they are gr8 site where u can get lots n lots of
information.It's the best site for the Job Hunters.

Suggested Books :

"Puzzles to Puzzle you" by Shakuntala Devi
"More Puzzles" by Shakuntala Devi
Puzzle Book by George S. Summers

GRE Barrons - Analytical questions (Take old edition of book. In
new edition of GRE book, there are no analytical questions).But
whatever you prepare, it mostly depends on your analytical abilities.

Some one asked regarding employee referal scheme, but till i know i
don't think in Infosys they will consider those things,ofcourse if
it's TCS then only certain center allow it not all.

Never loose patience,always have an attitude of "NEVER SAY DIE".

If you get call letter for Exam means you are 50% selected and
balance 50% is how u perform in Exam, so prepare best for Aptitude n
u r into u r dream organization.