Pattern of the Recruitment process:
1.Written test:
a. Mathematical and Analytical Ability(Reference: Sakuntala Devi's Puzzle Books)
b. Verbal Ability(English) (Reference: Wren and Martin English book)
Infy is conducting an HR interview(for the first time for recruitment in 2004-05)

Questions Of Written Test(12 questions 1hr)

1. There was a burglary in a jewelry shop .Police got hold of 3 suspect Shyam, Ram, Tommy. Each of them told "any one of other two did it " .Tommy was lying . Who was the thief?


2. Find next no. in the series:
a. 46656,3125,265,27,-----,1

Ans a. 4 b.11

3.A ball falling from a height of 180 feet can rebounce1/10 of it's height of falling . How much distance will it cover before stopping ?
Ans :220ft

4. Let 2 person A & B . Sum of A & 3 of his cousin's age is 50 . B knows A's age which is prime . Each of the three cousin's age is prime number each ( 1 is not prime no.) Can u guess the ages of the 3 cousins ?
Ans :11 ,13,19,7(More than 1 answer .Choose 3 from the 4 ages)

5.A car has leaky oil tanks. Initiallyt there's12 gallon oil in tank . Speed of the car is 50miles/hour & it travels for 4 hours & fuel is finished . If car can travel 25 miles by consuming 1 gallon of fuel, how much oil got leaked?.
Ans: It's the easiest problem ever created by man .I won't give the answer.

6. A wall clock goes 10 minutes slow in each hour In an hour of W.C a table clock goes fast by 10 minutes .In an hour by T.C an alarm clock goes slow by 5 minutes .In an hour by T.C a wrist watch goes fast by 5 minutes . The clock was set at noon to correct the time .What will the wrist watch show at 6p.m(correct time) ?(to the nearest minute)
Ans:5:47 pm.

7. In a Post Office 2p,7p,10p,15p,20p stamps are avail able .A mother told her son to buy
stamps on the following rule:
Same no. of stamps to be bought of 3 different denominations.
Same no. of stamps to be bought of 2 other different denominations
His mother gave him exact 3/- . How many stamps of each type did he buy ?
6 stamps of 10p and 20p each.
5 stamps of 2p,7p,15p each.
8. There are4 boys Anand ,Anandya ,Madan and Murali with nicmnames perich,zombie ,drummy and madeena not in the same .order Some conditions given
Ans Anand : Perich Anandya: drummy Madan : Zombie Murali: Madeena

9. Five students A,B,C,D,E. when conversation started B,C were speaking in English.When D join
them they shifted to Spanish. A,E know French. B,E know Italian.Portoguese was known
to three of them.Spanish was the most common language between them.
Following are some conditons:

one of them knows five languages.
one of them knows four languages.
one of them knows three languages.
one of them knows two languages.
one of them knows only one languages.

MCQ Questions:

a.A knows ? 4 options
b.B knows ? 4 options
c.C knows ? 4 options
d.E knows ? 4 options 8M

ENGLISH TEST(total:45 questions, time :30mins)
1.One reading Comprehension question.

2.Analogy Questions(Read Barron's GRE Guide, questions were pretty easy)

3.Fill in the blanks with suitable phrasal verbs and idioms given as MCQs.

4. Fill in the blanks questions based on 'Agreement of the Verb with the Subject' pattern of questions.(Read from Wren and Martin )
e.g.: What form of verb with 'each one of them'.


1.Typical HR questions (introduce yourself,hobbies,bla,bla,bla.......)
2.Puzzles (Pretty easy stuff)