dbss 1


1)A"s place is 7th from left .B"s position is 9th from the
right.After interchanging their position A"s position is 11th
from the left.Howmany candidates are there?

2)program:step 1:x=3D0,A=3D0,B=3D1;step2:If x<10;do step 3 to 6
otherwise go to step 7;step 3:Y=3DA+B;A=3DB,B=3DY;step 4:print Y;
step 5:x is increased by 1
step 6:Go to step 2;
step 7:stop
A)What is the 7"th value of Y that is printed?21
B)After set of instructions is over at step 5 what is the last
value of X?10
C)When x=3D4 what is the value of Y printed?8
D)suppose step 5 is replased by step:x=3Dx+3 what would be the last
value of Y printed?5
E)step 1 is changed as x=3D5,A=3D0,B=3D1 what is Y?
ans : 8

3)Logical reasoning
(1)Persons A,B,C,D,E,F are playing cards.
B-- Mother,E--Niece of A,A--Son of B(complete Qu. is not
known.Answers are correct!)
A)Who is the winner of the game?Ans B(Mother)
B)who are the ladies? B,E
C)second winner in the game? Husband of B
D)who is the niece of A?
ans : B

4)Even if problem is not clear answers are correct( perfectly)

a)Train overtaking problem from R.S.Agrawal
b)A problem on pipes&cistern
A)fill the tank in 1 hour B)fill the tank in 40 min.
C)C leak the tank at 60lt/hrs
ans:24 min.

5)problem on ages

6)when 29 is added to a particular number (1/3), added to (1/4)
particular no?


8)3 questions on correction of sentences.

9)odd man out
1)ans 52.5 2)ans 20

10)Reasoning: 3 questions.Ex:(1)All cars are scooters,all
scooters are trucks.
(from R.S.Agrawal

11)In one company women are 40 more than men______.

12)5 problems on heights of persons.

13)clock problem 14)Age problem

14)profit and loss problem

16)mixture problem

17)a a b a a b a a b a a b a a b.There will be 4 choices
ans:b a a a
3 questions are given with blanks.Clue:3 or 4 letter series
repeats depending on which ans must be selected.

18)compreshion:small paras and 3 questions

19)date of birth problems ans:saturday

20)for one problem ans is 16 2/3

21)pressure vs volume PV=3DK one problem.


23)A necklace is made of 5 colors of pearls.ans:68


25)bench,chair,thron,pedastrian,cook odd man out

26)A can do work 2 times faster than B.B can do 100 parts in 40
min.. Howmany parts can A do?Ans:30