hughes 1

Source : iit k ( this paper is got from rookee and same is given in iitk)
Dated :25/08/97

section A 30m (Compulsary)
section B or C 20 m(changed )m
Attempt either B or C sec B contains CST
Better to attempt Electronics paper
(Those who are having electronics background)

1. Which of the folowing is not correct
a. (x+y)'=x'.y' b. (x'+y')'=x.y
c. (x'.y')'=x+y d. (x'+y')'=x'.y' [d]

2. Question on logic ckt. U have to find the output
ans. AB'+CD'+EF'

3. Output of MUX
c-----| |
c'----| |-------Y
c'----| | ans. A xor B xor C
c-----| |
| |
A B (select lines)

4.If X and Y are two sets. |X| and |Y| are corresponding
coordinates and exact no.of functions from X to Y is 97
a. |X|=97 |Y|=1 b. |X|=1 |Y|=97
c. |X|=97 |Y|=97 d. .....

5. If two dies are thrown simultaneously what is the prob.
of one of the dice getting face 6 ?
a. 11/36 b. 1/3 c. 12/35 d. 1/36 [a]

6. The relation ,<,on reals is
a. a partial order because of symmetric and reflexive
b. ... antisymmetric and ....
c. not ...... .. asymmetric and non reflexive
d. ... .... not anti-symm and non reflexive

7. In C language the parameters are passsed by
a. values b. name c.referrence d....

8. Advantage of SRAM over DRAM
ans. faster

9. Diasy chaining related question (refer Z80)
a. uniform interrupt priority
b.non .... ....
c.interfacing slower peripherals

10. RAM chips arranged in 4X6 array and of 8kX4bit capacity
each. How many address lines reqd. to access each byte
a. 12 b. 16 c.15 d. 17

11.Question related to AVL trees regarding how many no.of
nodes to be changed to become balanced after addition of
a leaf node to a particular node.
ans . 3

12.When following sequence is insertedin the binary search tree
no.of nodes in left and right subtrees
52 86 64 20 3 25 14 9 85

13.Method used for Disk searching..
a.linked list b.AVL c.B-tree d. binary tree

14. Which of the following is correct statement.
a. 1's complement can have two zero re[resentations
b.2's ... ... represent an extra neg. number
c.2's & 1's have no difference in representing 16-bit no.

15. AX=B where A is mXn ,b&X are column matrices of order m
a. if m b.if m=n, rank of A c.... d....

16. The option avialable in C++, not C:
a.dynamic scoping
b.declaration in the middle of code block
c.seperate compiled and linked units
d. ....

17. int a[4]={1,2,3,4};
int *ptr;
A part of code is shown. The elements in A after
the execution of this code.
a.1 2 3 4 b. 1 2 3 6
c. compilation error d.1 2 2 4 [a]

18. Critical section program segment is
a. enclosed by semaphores with P & V operations
b. deadlock avoidance
c. where shared resources are accessed
d. ...

19. when head is moving back and forth, the disk scheduling
algorithm is _____
a) scan b) sstf c) fcfs d).....

20. how many times the loop will execute

a)1526H times b) 31 c)21 d)38

21. the addressing mode in which the address of the operand is
expressed explicitly within the instruction
a)index addressing b)absolute c)indirect d) immediate

22. (A - B) U (B - A) U (A ^ C) = ?
where A,B are two sets A' , B' are compliments of A and B
a) A U B b) A ^ B c).... d).....

23. the network that does not use virtual circuit
a) IP b) X.25 c).... d).....

24. source routing bridge
a)source will route the frame
b)frame will routed with info in header
c).... d).....

26. cache access time 100 msec. main memory access time 800 msec
if the hit ratio is 95% , what is mean access time ...

27. the module that should be always reside in main memory is
a) loader b)link module c)... d)....

.... and some questions related to

1. addressing mode 2.assembler passes 3.linking and loading
4. file directory search 5. turning machine
6. finite state machine 7. daisy wheel

28. The order of algorithm to merge the two sorted lists of
lengths m and n is
a. O(m) b. O(n) c. O(m+n) d. O(log(m)+log(n))
29.A chocolate block is of 4 X 4 size.How many cuts are needed
to make 1 X 1 size blocks. No simultaneous vert. & horz. cuts.

30. Which among the following is not correct
a. O(n) > O(log n) .. likewise