Infosys Technologies ltd Aptitude Test 9th july 2000

Infosys Technologies ltd
Aptitude Test 9th july 2000

1.A boy picks up the phone and asks" who are you?"
The voice from the other side answers" I am your
mother's mother in law".What is the relation of the
boy with the fellow speaking at the other end.(3marks).

2.Imagine a rectangle.Its length=2*width.A square of 1
inch is cut on all corners so that the remaining portion
forms a boxwhen folded.the volume of the box is_____ cubic
inches.find the original dimensions of the box. (3 marks).

3.2 persons are doing part time job in a company9say a and b).
THe company is open for all the 7 days of the week.'A' works
every second day.'B' works every 3rd day.If 'A'works on 1st june
and 'B' works on 2nd june.Find out the date on which both 'A'
and 'B' will work together. (4 marks).

4.Consider a pile of Diamonds on a table.A thief enters and steals
1/2 of th e total quanity and then again 2 extra from the remaining.
After some time a second thief enters and steals 1/2 of the remaining+2.
Then 3rd thief enters and steals 1/2 of the remaining+2.Then 4th thief
enters and steals 1/2 of the remaining+2.When the 5th one enters
he finds 1 diamond on the table.Find out the total no. of diamonds
originally on the table before the 1st thief entered. (4 marks).

5.Imagine 4 persons A,B,C,D.(It is a strength determining game).
A found it hard,but could pull 'c' and 'd' to his side.
AC and BD pairs on opposite sides found themselves equally balanced.
When A and B exchanged thier positions to form pairs AD and BC ,BC pair

win and pull AD to thier side.Order the 4 persons in Ascending order
according to thier strengths. (3 marks).

6.Consider a beauty contest.3 persons participate.Their names are
Delectable,Fascinating.THere 3 tribes Pukkas,Wottas,Summas.
Pukkas - Always speak truth.
Wottas - Always speak lies.
Summas - Speak truth and lies alternatively.
Each of the 3 persons make 2 statements.

Attractive - (1)

Delectable - (1) i don't remember

Fascinating- (1)
(2)The person who speaks truth is the least beautiful

>From the statements they give and the character of the 3 tribal types,
find out which person belongs to which tribe.Also find out the persons
in the Ascending order of their beauty. (8 marks).

7.There are 5 positions-Clerk,Buyer,Cashier,Manager,Floorwalker.
THere are 5 persons- Mrs.Allen,Mrs.CLark,Twain,Ewing,Bernett.
Conditions: 1.clerk and cashier lunch time 11.30.to12.30
2.others 12.30 to 1.30
3.Mrs.Allen and Bernett play durind lunch time.
4.clerk and cashier share Bachler rooms.
5.Ewing and Twain are not in good terms because
one day when Twain retuned early from lunch
he saw Ewing already sitting fro lunch and reported
about him to the manager.
Find out which person holds which post. (8 marks).

8.There are 8 courses to be handled by faculty in 2 semesters.4 in 1st
semester and 4 in 2nd semester THe candiadates hired for the post are
k,l,m,n,o.The courses are Malvino,Shakespeare,Joyce,Chauncer...........
Some conditions will be given like.,
1.L and N handle Shakespeare and malvino.
2.M and O handle Malvino and Joyce.
3. .......
.. i don't remember
8. ......
Only one author can handle a course in 1 semester.
then 3 questions were asked based on these information and
3 options for each question were given (8 marks).

9. I don't remember

10.I don't remember.